Many Choices for a Better Smile

Boston cosmetic dentist is the art of improving someone’s smile. There are many aspects of cosmetic dentistry. If a tooth has mild to moderate decay and the cusp is not involved, an inlay or onlay may be right for you. The inlay is placed directly on the surface of a tooth. However, when the greater portion of the tooth is damaged, an onlay is used insteade to cover the entire surface.

If a tooth has severe decay or defect a crown may be appropriate. This covers the tooth so that it is protected and has the look of a virgin tooth. It is usually metal with porcelain baked on so that it looks natural.

However, if you are just concerned about your teeth being yellow or dark, there are other options. Bleaching may be effective. You should be aware that if you do have a crown or other “fake” teeth, they cannot be bleached. Otherwise, bleaching is an inexpensive and easy process. The dental staff will make a mold of your teeth to construct a custom form that will fit over your teeth. You will then put the bleaching solution into the form and wear it for a number of weeks, usually at night. Over time, your teeth will become shades lighter. Or you may prefer veneers. There are made of a wafer-thin shell of light weight material to fit over the front of your anterior teeth. You can choose the shade so that you have a “Hollywood” smile or just to make all of your front teeth more uniform in color. They also provide strength and resilience. Veneers are slighty more expensive than bleaching but not nearly as costly as crowns. Another solution is cosmetic bonding, whereby a composite material to match your tooth is applied and shaped to the desired effect, then cured to a hardened state.

If the problem is integrity of your teeth, such as decay or missing teeth, implants could be considered. Materials like titanium are used to make the implant, which is placed into the jawbone. Titanium and like materials will cause osteointegration, which simply means that the implant will combine with the bone, thus forming a very strong and stable foundation for a artificial tooth. While this is the ultimate solution as far as the best way to keep your smile long-term, it is important that you understand that no one can guarantee that it will work for you. Just as with any foreign body, there is a chance that your body may reject the implant. Since an implant is very expensive, you should ask the dentist for his best assessment of how you will do with it, but in the end, he still cannot guarantee it.

The best place to start is to see a dentist and work with him to repair damage and meet your expectations for a better smile.

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